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With over 20 years of experience in Hawaii, HTS specializes in the design,  installation, and maintenance of media rooms, whole house music systems, networks, outdoor music systems, video surveillance  and lighting control systems.  

At HTS, our approach to systems integration begins with a great design. We start by listening carefully to the needs of our clients and guide them to solutions that simplify and enhance their lives. We provide the latest advances in system integration technology with the flexibility for advancements in the future, from the best home theater system to wireless home automation.

Have a new project?  Let us take a look at it.  Modern smart homes are benefiting from connected appliances, cameras and wireless technologies, addressing everything from outlets, to door locks and window shades. These systems work in harmony to keep homeowners more comfortable, secure and connected. 

We work with home owners, architects, builders, and interior designers.


Media Rooms

One button press turns on the theater system, starts the movie, closes the shades, and dims the lights. Sitting down for family night has never been so easy or comfortable. 

Whole House Music

Fill your house with breathtaking music that can be played at the tap of a button on your smart phone or tablet.  What could be better than coming home from work and relaxing to your favorite tunes anywhere in the house?

Networking & Structured Wiring

Are you tired of weak wifi or slow internet? Implementing a properly designed network will insure that your home is properly prepared for your technology needs now and in the future.

Outdoor Music Systems

Imagine foot tapping music that makes you want to jump up and dance during your next outdoor barbecue or pool party.  Let us install an outdoor speaker system that fully integrates into your landscaping.

Lighting Automation

Lighting is a crucial part of every home. It sets the right mood and uses  energy more efficiently. Push a button to dim the lights, let the movie begin or just set the home to away. 

Video Surveillance

Take control of your security with a complete camera and surveillance  system, allowing all structures to be monitored around the clock and with accuracy and clear resolution. 

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